Horticultural Services in Westchester County, Putnam County & Dutchess County, NY

We provide full-service landscape maintenance with an emphasis on reliability, professionalism and consistency. Whether we’ve installed your landscape or you’re just looking for a full-service landscape maintenance company, we can help you.

Maintenance schedules are designed around our clients' property needs, based on the specific needs of the properties we care for. Sometimes the need is for several maintenance visits per week, and others as few as once a month. Properties range in size from your typical single-family residence to five-acre estates.

Maintenance crew responsibilities range from simple mowing and edging of lawns to more comprehensive pond and aquatic maintenance of water features (to insure healthy aquatic eco-systems).

Irrigation troubleshooting and scheduling also falls under our responsibilities, in an effort to maximize the use of the property’s irrigation water. We handle seasonal adjustments to the irrigation controllers so that water is used in the most efficient application possible.

We also offer our maintenance clients irrigation retrofits, including the installation of rain sensors, matched precipitation nozzles and weather-based irrigation controllers. (In certain situations, the city, county or water department may provide rebates or discounts for these upgrades.)

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